West Central Brittany Transmission of traditional song Pedagogy of the transmission

The Andon group

As part of this project, a working group was assembled. It consists of around ten pedagogues from: the School of Music and Dance Kreiz Breizh, members of Dastum Bro Gerne, bilingual teachers. All these people are from West Cornwall and West Central Brittany.

His name Andon means "source", "go eat, fetch source", "regenerate himself to the source".

We are given as goal to work from a few examples of songs.

Our goal is to create tools of transmission for trainers, a kind of toolbox that are discussed matters of content, public, learners - whether students in a bilingual school or class discovery, or adults who want to practice singing - whether they speak Breton language or not.

So the question of the transmission: whom do we transmit to? What tools do we develop to transmit?

We thought at the content and at the implementation of a very fine analysis, whether linguistic, musical, etc.

The question of the public thus arises and that these tools in connection with the memorizing, the relative to the other, etc.

This group is still young. Its objective is to create a repository of learning to get people to learn songs.

You will find the results of these reflections in the educational worksheets that we put online.


Fiches pédagogiques