West Central Brittany Transmission of traditional song Training of trainers

Training courses for trainers

To contribute to the development of the practice of traditional singing of all public, partner organizations have established different internship proposals.

They are aimed at people who are related to teaching and wishing to use the song in Breton in their educational activities (teachers of bilingual or monolingual schools, musicians working in schools, teacher of Breton language in courses organized in the territory...) and all those wishing to discover the traditional singing in Breton language or improve themselves.

3 trainings with different inputs were held simultaneously on three Saturdays in 2013: October 12, November 16 and 30

The first course, divided into two modules, was addressed to people who know the Breton language but are not singers. The axes of this course have been a work on taking self-confidence (many want but dare not sing) and on mastering the basics of vocal technique.

The second course, unlike the first, was for singers and musicians who know little or not the Breton language. The objective of this course was to address different texts sung in Breton language, basis for a future directory for participants.

The third course was intended for singers in Breton language, more experienced or confirmed, who wanted to discover or start a trip to the art of improvisation and variations on the traditional singing.

November 30, 2013, after the last day of training sessions organized, was held a public presentation of the project EOST (the gains of sharing experiences and exchanges between Brittany and Finnish teachers ...). This presentation was followed by a meal and an evening with the artists who facilitated the workshops, people who participated in the adventure EOST, trainees and the place was also open to amateur singers in Breton language.